Tim and Lindsay met at Liberty University during their senior year of college in a histology lab. They were both pre-med students. After college, they both went separate ways and didn’t reconnect until over a year later.


“Tim came with my family on our vacation to Hilton Head Island. I did not think anything of it. We had been dating for about two years and my brother’s girlfriend came with us as well. Although mom and I went and got our nails done together before the trip, I was still totally oblivious and unsuspecting!

One evening around sunset, we were supposed to take family pictures. Everyone got dressed up and coordinated, but they were SO SLOW leaving the condo. So, everyone told Tim and I to go on ahead to the beach to look for my dad who was already there. Somehow, I still had no idea what was happening. I thought we were going on a walk to look for my dad. However, he was hiding behind tall grass and a sand dune waiting to capture the moment.”

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“As I was looking around for my dad, Tim held both of my hands and started telling me all these REALLY sweet things! I was shocked when he got on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so surprised and it was perfect. My dad got some pictures while my mom, brother, and Sydney were all standing a ways off watching the whole thing.

Also, I found out afterwards that when I had woken up at 7 AM and gone to the beach alone that morning, everyone was back at the condo plotting out the whole evening. Tim had been practicing his speech out on the terrace and even practiced taking the ring box out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. SO precious!!!”

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“My dress shopping experience was amazing! One day, mom and I walked into Ashley Grace Bridal to ask if we could make an appointment. My mom had been dying to go inside since she knew Tim was going to propose! We walked in and Taylor met us at the desk and greeted us. She was SO precious. It turned out we were there on a weekday and no one had an appointment planned at that time, so we tried on dresses that day! I tried on about 10 dresses and they were all beautiful. The very last one I tried on was the one I picked.”

“My mom had chosen a Justin Alexander. It was not what I was looking for so I was surprised that I fell in love with it! It also made it extra special that my mom was the one who picked my wedding dress. We had a fabulous time. The building is gorgeous, the inventory was incredible, and we had such a special time together.

We felt like it was too easy to pick a wedding dress in one day so we did not purchase it that day. We went to two other dress shops and were disappointed after our top notch experience at Ashley Grace! Before purchasing the dress, I also wanted approval from my dad. So, I went back a couple weeks later with both my parents and tried on my top three dresses for my parents. I saved my dress for last and also wore a veil and held a bouquet provided by the shop. I came out and all three of us were teary-eyed. It was a really special moment!”

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What was the process like planning your Old Pate Chapel wedding?

“My mom was incredible! She single-handedly planned everything. We got so much done before I went back to school and then she took care of so much when I was studying and too stressed to plan! We enjoyed some really sweet moments together and overall the planning process was very smooth. My mom is a natural at thinking of all the details and we have identical taste!”

Are there any special moments that specifically stick out in your mind from your wedding day?

“Walking down the aisle with my dad was so special. I was already tearing up before the doors opened but we were both smiling as we walked down.

I will never forget looking out in the crowd and seeing both sets of my grandparents and my parents there smiling back at us. It meant so much to have them all there.”

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“All of my mom’s planning paid off! Our day was perfect and there were no crazy disasters! She thought of everything and even wove in some surprises that I knew nothing about. I think it was one of her ways of saying, I love you. She looked incredible in her sparkly pink dress and she enjoyed the day too!

Tim and I had gone to two dance classes to learn some choreography for our first dance! We learned it all the weekend before the wedding and then when we got out on the dance floor at the reception we only remembered the first 30 seconds of choreography. It was really funny that we both just froze and started laughing. We kind of just swayed for the rest of the song and it was pretty cute how we forgot all that hard work. I’m not sure our instructor would have thought it was as funny.”

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The wedding vendors: Venue – Old Pate Chapel Wedding Venue | Wedding Dress – Ashley Grace Bridal | Photographer – Mackenzie Leigh Photography | Day-of Coordinator – Sandra at RS Exclusive | Cake – Angela Hudson | Hair – Locks and Lashes | Makeup – In Your Face Make Up Art by Chantay |  Flowers- Bloom by Doyle’s | DJ – Dannielle Tosh | Alterations – The Gilded Thimble

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