Which wedding dress neckline suits you best? From sweetheart to scoop to Sabrina, there are endless variations of necklines that wedding dresses come in. All of these different titles can get a little bit confusing when you’re shopping for your dream gown, so we’ve put together this easy guide to some of the most popular wedding dress necklines so that you can feel prepared and confident going into your Bridal Appointment (but don’t worry – our Master Stylists will be there to help, too)!

In this blog, we’ll also be highlighting some fresh necklines that are currently trending in recent and upcoming seasons from our designers!

While we are firm believers that you look the most beautiful in whichever dress you feel the most beautiful in, and so we don’t group specific body types for specific necklines, we will be highlighting necklines that particularly flatter specific body types to help you feel the most confident on your big day!


Strapless and sweet, this classic and timeless neckline gets its name because it takes on the look of the top of a heart. This style accentuates your collarbones and gives your entire body a longer and leaner appearance. So, if you’re looking to feel elongated and look a bit taller in your portraits, try a sweetheart gown!


This familiar neckline is traditional and perfect for an accented low back. The straps go across the shoulders diagonally, forming a v-shape, and elongate the torso. Since gowns with a v-neck typically have thicker straps, this neckline provides structure and bust support – so, this style is perfect for heavier-chested brides who want to feel supported, and brides who may want their shorter torso to appear longer.


This particularly popular neckline has been a major trend for the past few bridal seasons, and we can’t get enough of it! Off-the-shoulder gowns typically feature a sweetheart or modified-sweetheart neckline with delicate straps that hang a bit below the shoulder. While the straps are purely for design, and do not provide structure, they greatly alter the way that the dress frames a bride’s torso! Off-the-shoulder necklines frame the face and draw the eye upward to the bride. The straps also widen the neckline area, making the waistline appear slimmer.


Another currently trending neckline, the scoop creates an elongated and sleek silhouette, and accentuates the bust area. The scoop neckline is a little bit magical, as it is universally flattering! Most scoop necklines feature dainty straps to offset the wide, round cut of the scoop style.


Typically featured in a v-neck dress, plunging necklines let the v-neck dip a little bit lower than traditional style to highlight the bust and elongate the torso. This neckline is ideal for petite brides, as the plunge can cause the neckline to lose a little bit of its structured nature, and it naturally makes the bride look taller in photos.

Cold shoulder

This hot trend in fashion has made its way to the bridal world, and is so much fun to style! Cold-shoulder gowns typically feature a sweetheart neckline with dainty straps that sit on top of the shoulder/collarbone, and off-the-shoulder straps that hang right below the shoulder. While remaining open and modern, this neckline provides a bit more structure than an off-the-shoulder neckline, and so is more ideal for bustier brides. This style also has a slimming effect on broad shoulders.


Illusion necklines are typically more organic v-necks with very delicate and sheer fabric covering the entire plunge area. The lace and illusion fabric work together to make it look as though the lace is hugging the bride’s collarbones, while the illusion is actually providing secret support. The fabric helps provide a bit of sheer coverage for the more modest bride who wants an ethereal look. This neckline is ideal for a bride who loves the plunge neckline, but wants a bit more bust support.


Similar to an off-the-shoulder neckline, the portrait provides more support and structure for the bustier bride. While off-the-shoulder straps typically hang below the shoulder, portrait sleeves hug diagonally across the shoulder. This is ideal for a more modest option, and also helps to slim broad shoulders and your waistline! The more structured look also creates a more traditional, classic vibe.

Which wedding dress neckline suits you the best? At Ashley Grace Bridal, we have 300+ designer gowns for our brides to shop from, and we have multiple dresses that feature each of these necklines! If you think you may be falling in love with one of these particular styles, click here to book your very own Bridal Appointment with a private bridal suite, personal stylist, and Ashley Grace Experience. We can’t wait to meet you!



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