FAQ Series: Wedding Gown Fabrics

Today we are going to answer one of our Brides’ most frequently asked questions: what are some of the most common fabrics wedding dresses are made of?

1. Chiffon Wedding Dress

Chiffon is a lightweight fabric associated with elegance and luxury. It has a sheer, floating, shimmery nature. This fabric drapes well and has a slight spandex feel with a soft shimmer.

Rebecca Ingram – Gabriella

chiffon wedding dress

2. Tulle Wedding Dress

Tulle is a versatile, high-strength, and flexible fabric that can be shiny, matte, or sparkly. It is a beautiful mesh net fabric. Its lightweight quality makes it move with ease while its stiffness creates shape and volume creating elegant gowns. 


Stella York – 6752

Tulle Wedding Dress

3. Crepe Wedding Dress

Crepe is a luxurious fabric that can vary from lightweight to medium weight. It can have a smooth, matte finish or a soft, smooth and stretchy appearance. Has a beautiful, crisp, and elastic drape that flatters the figure.

Maggie Sottero – Fernanda

Crepe Wedding Dress

4. English Netting Wedding Dress

English Netting is a soft, pliable netting fabric, which is similar to, but more luxurious than tulle. It drapes beautifully and is known for its elegance.

Justin Alexander- 88044LND)

English Netting Wedding Dress

5. Mikado Wedding Dress

Mikado is a luxurious heavier weight silk fabric with a slight shine that creates a subtle sparkle when light hits it. It has a cool touch and creates a structured shape with a luster.

Justin Alexander – 88107

Mikado Wedding Dress

These fabrics are staples in the Wedding Dress industry and help to create the beautiful designs Brides love. Our stylists’ have knowledge of all the different fabrics we carry and will assist you in choosing the perfect dress for you taking into consideration the look and feel you want on your special day!

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