Top 5 Wedding Day Dos

What DO you DO on your wedding day? You plan and plan for this wonderful day, but you really have no idea what to expect. Your wedding day can be the most important day of your life and we want it to be everything you’ve dreamed of! We would like to let you in on our top 5 wedding day DO’s:

1. DO WHAT YOU WANT: It is so important to remember this is your day and you can never relive it. You must do what makes you and your groom the happiest because ultimately you two will be the ones looking back on this day forever. At the end of the night you should be able to walk away happy with the feeling that this was everything that you could have imagined! Always value and respect other people’s opinions, but remember it’s not about pleasing them.

2. SET ASIDE TIME FOR PICTURES: Whether this means getting ready an hour early or cutting into your dinner time. You want to make sure that you capture your look and your beautiful day. Pictures are the only thing that you will have to look back and relive that day. You want to  have those special moments with your little girl one day and show her how stunning you looked. It is possible, just make pictures a priority!

3. GET A GOOD D.J., LIVE BAND, OR EMCEE: This person will be the one who gets your guests going. You want everyone at your wedding to have an unforgettable time and this person will determine the energy of the night. Find someone dependable, entertaining, and someone who will get all guests involved on the dance floor! You will create some of your most amazing memories during your wedding.

4. HAVE SOMEONE TO TRACK YOUR GIFTS: All the gifts and envelopes that you receive on your wedding day can be very overwhelming. You will not be able to keep track of them all because you are going to be all over the place so be sure to designate someone to be in charge and responsible for your gifts.

5. HAVE A PLAN FOR YOUR MAKEUP: The day of your wedding is going to be a very long day! You are going to be dancing, sweating, eating, you may be outside, and you will probably shed a few tears. Talk through a plan with your makeup artist on how you are going to keep a fresh face throughout the day. It may include paying more for long lasting products or just setting aside time for little touch ups. All eyes and cameras will be on you and you don’t want any smears!

Bonus Tip:

MAKE A GRAND ENTRANCE: Imagine how magical it is going to be when your groom and your guests see you for the first time. Be sure to make a bold entrance and don’t let any guest have a sneak peek. The excitement, energy, and emotion will be breathtaking when you enter the room.

Stay tuned to our blog to see our top DONT’S for your wedding day!



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