Summer is the most popular season to have a wedding in. In 2017 alone, one-third of all weddings in America occurred from May through to July. After all, summer is usually filled with good weather and more options for outdoor locations, making destination weddings easier to pull off.

Summer is also a great season to make your wedding brighter and warmer with airy fabrics and light color palettes. However, summer weddings can also cause some discomfort due to the heat. The popularity of summer weddings also means you’re competing with other couples for venues and vendors. So keep these tips in mind when planning the perfect summer wedding:


Start planning early

If you’re all set on having a summer wedding, you should start planning at least a year ahead so you can finalize all the details from guest lists to photographers as early as possible. While you should still have a bit of flexibility for potential changes and hiccups, planning early helps you avoid these pitfalls. This also gives you ample time to find alternative venues and suppliers if the ones you want are already booked up. You should also be thoughtful about choosing holiday dates — while there’s nothing wrong with having your wedding on the Independence Day, for instance, this may affect the availability of guests.


Have a weather-appropriate dress code

When you think of wedding attire, you usually imagine men in tuxedos and women in formal floor-length dresses. However, these aren’t the most comfortable things to wear in summer. Instead, ask your guests to wear cool, breathable clothes. For instance, men can wear light-colored suits made with cool fabrics like linen. Meanwhile, women can wear breezy materials such as chiffon, silk, or wool blend. You and your partner should also wear summer-friendly outfits so you can enjoy your special day without sacrificing comfort or style. You may want to consider putting your hair up for the festivities as well. This means the high humidity or wind won’t be able to mess up your hairstyle.


Wear sun protection

As you’ll be having a summer wedding, you should also put reminders on your invitations to bring sun protection, such as umbrellas and sunscreen. And as the bride, you should also work to keep your skin healthy and hydrated all day. To prevent having dull skin on your big day, make sure to use a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen that works best with your skin. Ideally, you should be using sunscreen with a SPF 30. You can add a little shimmer to your skin by mixing a bit of tinted moisturizer into your body lotion. As well as giving out reminders for sun protection, also consider providing shade like eaves and drapes during your ceremony and reception to keep everyone cool.


Consider a seasonal menu

You might not want to serve your guests heavy foods like steaks and potatoes during the summer months. Heavy meals can slow people down, and may even make them feel sick in the warm temperatures. So instead, consider light and fresh food like salmon, grilled vegetables, and salads. As for the dessert, frozen yogurt, fresh fruits, and other cool or frozen desserts come highly recommended for summer weddings. You can also consider some summery cocktails, such as chilled rosé, fruity sangria, and popsicles in champagne. Choosing seasonal dishes will ensure that the produce and ingredients are all fresh.

Summer weddings are popular for their bright and warm atmospheres. However, it can take a lot of careful planning to make it the most comfortable and memorable event of the year for everyone involved.


Article authored by Reese Jones

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