What better place to invoke the wonder and magic of a wedding day than the jaw-dropping landscape of Iceland?

Photos Courtesy of: Stephanie Zakas Photography

Wedding Film: Iron and Ivy Films

Dressing up in a stunning white dress, walking down the aisle after all of your best friends, and dancing the night away with your closest family- a wedding is truly a once in a lifetime experience. 


Some couples opt for secluded elopements instead, seeking a unique ceremony and focusing on one another rather than the details and logistics that come with planning a traditional wedding. 


Vow renewals give a similar experience of intimacy and solitude for couples who went the traditional wedding route – gorgeous destinations, private ceremony spots, and stunning views make it a unique setting to revisit why a couple decided to get married in the first place. 


Brandi and Josh’s Iceland Wedding Vow Renewal definitely checked off all of these boxes- majestic fjords, intimate seclusion, and a backdrop practically crafted for stunning photos sure made this something to awe at! It’s exactly what we would expect from two lovers who run their own videography businesses – and of course, they had a Vow Renewal Film made to document their sweet ceremony (which you can check out here). 


“Josh and I have been married for 3 years now (though we’ve been together for over 7 years). We’ve always talked about how we would love to one day do a destination vow renewal somewhere adventurous, but assumed it would be for a bigger anniversary. When we booked an anniversary trip to Iceland, I decided to surprise Josh with a vow renewal. While I realize we’ve only been married for 3 years, we couldn’t go to Iceland and NOT renew our vows there. For logistical reasons I ended up telling Josh, so he did know about the vow renewal, but had no idea what my gorgeous dress from Ashley Grace looked like until the day-of!”


Brandi said Iceland was perfect for her vow renewal because: “Visiting new places and seeing breathtaking sights is our favorite thing to do. There’s just something so freeing about leaving footprints all over the world together. This world is so big, and we believe that far too many people live their entire lives inside of the bubble that is their hometown, never having truly lived. 

Iceland had been on our bucket list for a long time because it’s not your stereotypical vacation and it’s so adventurous, naturalistic, and filled with breathtaking views (all things we thrive off of).”

















It may have been Iceland, but these sweethearts sure brought the heat!














“Words truly cannot describe this place. Truly. My expectations were high from all of the photos I’ve seen all over the internet – I was actually expecting to be underwhelmed. However, I quickly realized that even the AMAZING photos from the world’s best photographers do not even come close to doing this place justice. 


(look at these cuties doing rock-paper-scissors to decide who’d say their vows first!) 


One of the most intriguing things about Iceland is its ever-changing scenery. One minute you’re driving through lush green moss-covered lave fields and the next minute you’re surrounded my mighty mountains that just leave you breathless in awe of their wonder, then next thing you know there’s volcanic black sand as far as you can see. From beaches, waterfalls, caves, canyons, fjords, hot springs and more, Iceland truly does have it all.”



Our Lillian West 66049 gown and boho gem hairpiece sure wowed against this moody Iceland background!


The secluded, larger than life feel that the Icelandic landscape brings made our vow renewal very personal and intimate. Your wedding day flies by so quickly because so much is happening and you have guests from all over that you want to see and spend time with. Our wedding was definitely a special celebration but so much of the day was spent having a great time with our loved ones, dancing, listening to toasts, taking photos, eating amazing cake, etc. 

Renewing our vows one-on-one, just us, on a mountain, in a place that felt like mars, was such a peaceful and special experience that we will always treasure.”










Ashley Grace


Photos Courtesy of: Stephanie Zakas Photography

Wedding Film: Iron and Ivy Films

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