Samantha said Yes to one of our Stella York wedding dresses and she looked absolutely stunning in it! This Stella York wedding dress has a high neck that highlights the collarbone. It also creates a slim and sophisticated silhouette that elongates and flatters every body.

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“Our story is typical. You know, boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, and they get married. It’s just, getting to that third part of the story was not as easy as most would imagine. So buckle up, because this isn’t a short story…”

How They Met

Samantha and Jonathan met at Bible study in September of 2012. The meeting was memorable for both of them. They both left the Bible study with strong opinions about the other. Samantha was positive she didn’t want to become friends with him, while Jonathan was looking forward to seeing her again.

So, when a Murder Mystery event was planned for the next month, they walked in with completely different perspectives. The mystery was set up to be a couples event, with pairs given unique characters and backgrounds. Standing up against the wall, Samantha dreaded as she watched everyone get paired up and slowly realized that she was going to be partnered with Jonathan. He had worked behind the scenes to get paired up and his smile couldn’t have been any bigger. 

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Their Love Story

“Years passed and a friendship grew, but I was adamant that I didn’t want to date him. One day in August of 2015, I was getting ready to go pick up my brother and his wife from the airport. They were flying into Washington D.C. around 11 at night. Jon found out, and I asked him if he’d like to come. He, of course, said yes, and we left to get there around 9. It was a perfect night. The moon was out and it was clear, and it just so happened that the flight was delayed. Upon learning that, we decided to stick around for a bit at the National Mall.

It was unintentionally one of the most romantic nights, walking around the monuments with nobody else around on a moonlight night. We were both a little nervous and felt the awkwardness of the night. But for Jonathan, everything changed when we entered the Jefferson Memorial. When we entered that Memorial, there was something that changed for him. He decided then and there that he wanted to keep me in his life, no matter how long it took and how many times I might say no.

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Their Relationship

Back in California, 3,000 miles away and for around 4 years now, my parents were praying for a change of heart for me and heavily suggested that I give him a chance. After hearing their suggestions for so long, I finally relented and agreed that I would give him a chance on the small chance that he ask again. But, just in case he did, I put a time limit on it, the time limit was 6 months that were to be up May 1st. April 29th, 2016 he asked me out again. He still felt strongly about me and wanted to try again. I hesitantly agreed, but I waffled back and forth on dating him. At the end of June, I chose to end it rather then start something and get hurt. He, however, had decided it wasn’t over.

After three months of a back and forth, heart-to-hearts and a few more long walks, after what can only be described as a change of heart and answer to his and my parents’ prayers, we started dating for the final time. And so ended the pursuit of 4 years and began a beautiful relationship built on a solid friendship.

What a beautiful story, don’t you think? Samantha looked absolutely gorgeous in her Stella York wedding dress. Below are some photos from her beautiful wedding.

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Doesn’t Samantha look gorgeous in her Stella York wedding dress? This high neck gown is definitely one of our favorites!

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