At Ashley Grace Bridal, we are big fans of shopping local and supporting our community! We realize this is true when searching for your own wedding dress as well, so today we want to share with you our top 3 reasons for shopping local.

1. You Know Exactly what You’re Getting

No surprises! Have you ever ordered something online that looked completely different in person? We don’t want that to happen with your wedding dress! When you shop local, you not only get to touch and feel the quality of your gown, but you can also try it on and see how it fits BEFORE you spend money on it. So many of our brides come in thinking they prefer a particular style dress, just to fall in love with a completely different gown than the one they came in searching for. That’s the beauty of being able to try something on before purchasing.

2. Special Promotions

If you have a budget to work with, shopping at your local bridal salon might be your best option. At Ashley Grace Bridal, we have different sales going on thought the year. We offer discounts at our designer trunk shows, host sample sales annually, and even give away dresses for FREE. In fact, our “One Bride, Everything’s FREE” giveaway is happening right now! If you’re reading this article right after we published it, you might still be able to enter our free wedding dress giveaway.

3. Beyond the Dress

When you shop local, not only can you customize your wedding dress (want to add a sleeve or lower the back… we’ve got you covered!), but you can actually find the perfect accessories to match your wedding dress as well. Want to make sure that your veil complements your gown perfectly? You can try on our veil collection and see for yourself. Want to accessorize your gown with a beautiful pair of earrings, or a necklace? You can try them all on and choose what you like.

We want to make your wedding dress shopping as fun and stress-free as possible, so we encourage you to shop local. You will not only support your community, but also small businesses that are most likely family owned.

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