Karl and Angel’s Riverview Manor wedding was unlike any other. From sunflower bouquets to cowboy boots, this blog post is definitely for the country lovers. It’s so much fun seeing how unique our AG Brides are, and how different each wedding is from the others. Today’s wedding is definitely a treat!

How did you meet your husband?

I have actually known Karl’s family since I was a child. My father and his father played in a league together. Also, I was close in age with his sisters, so I also knew them through school. However, I didn’t really get to know Karl because of our age difference. We technically met through our job. Later, a mutual friend asked what I thought about Karl. He was a quiet person, therefore, I didn’t really know him well. Our mutual friend insisted that he wanted to spend time with me. So, after several group outings, we finally ended up going on a date together.

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How did he propose?

My best friend, Ashley, arranged a photo shoot for Karl and I, as well as for her and her husband as a Christmas gift. We were going to take individual photos with our significant other and couple photos together. Well, Karl and Ashley had planned everything for him to have an opportunity to propose during the photo shoot. We were at Percival Island in downtown Lynchburg where the love sign is. Ashley grabbed my attention for a second, and when I turned back around, Karl was on his knee. Therefore, we have photos of him proposing!!

What was the process like planning your Riverview Manor wedding?

The process was actually a lot more simple than I could have imagined. My beautiful venue, Riverview Manor, took care of most of the arrangements. Karl and I just told them what we wanted, and it was provided. They took so much stress away from planning! I also had help from my amazing mom, who was by my side every step of the way. We had wonderful support from our family and friends as well, which made the whole process enjoyable and memorable.

bridesmaids wearing cowboy boots at wedding

How did you feel on your wedding day?

Nervous, nervous, and did I mention nervous?! Of course I was excited too, but SO nervous! After what seemed like a lot of time beforehand, it was now happening in just a few hours!

Did you incorporate anything special in your wedding that reflects you as a couple?

Karl is a huge Star Wars fan. So, on our wedding day, him and his groomsmen entered the ceremony to Imperial March. There were chuckles from the guests!

For our first dance we chose God Gave Me You. We also found a cake topper with the name of our song and we thought it was perfect!

bride and groomsmen wearing country boots

Also, I’ve always been the country girl and love my boots. Karl had actually bought a pair of boots to wear when we would go out with friends (I know he did this to impress me before we were dating. Haha!) So, of course, we wore boots in our wedding!

Are there any special moments that specifically stick out in your mind from your Riverview Manor wedding?

My dad was starting to tear up before our walk down the aisle, and I said “Nooo Dad! I can’t cry, not yet!”. So, I started telling him funny stories to make us laugh.

bride and groom at Riverview Manor

Another funny moment happened during the ceremony. Karl is usually a quiet and shy person, so being in front of everyone made him nervous. So, when he started repeating the vows after the preacher, he kept looking down. The preacher then stopped him and said, “Well, look at her!”. Haha! Everyone laughed! And it eased some nerves!

Isn’t Karl and Angel’s story simply amazing?! We loved their beautiful Riverview Manor wedding and can’t wait to show you their gorgeous wedding photos.

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