Finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes or special occasion shoes just got a whole lot easier! Ashley Grace Bridal has a great selection of Benjamin Walk and Dyeable shoes! These fantastic shoes make it possible for your footwear to be almost an exact match to the color of your dress! Before you come in to make your purchase, here are some of our most frequently asked questions about these fabulous Dyeable wedding shoes!

What styles can I choose from?

You will be sure to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes with our Benjamin Walk and Dyeable collection, which includes heels, flats, sandals, wedges, and even flower girl styles! We carry a wide variety in styles from simple to strappy to sparkly. You’ll be sure to find a look you love!

How many shades do you offer? Will it match the color of my dress?

Shoes will be ordered standard in white or shades of ivory. However, adding a pop of color is super simple! There are more than 60 colors to choose from to match your style. If you have something specific in mind, CUSTOM color is available and is so affordable for your wedding shoe! Simply bring in a swatch of the color you would like to match, and when you place your order, your shoes will be dyed the specific hue. Be mindful that there may be a slight variance in color due to the textural differences between the shoe material and the dress fabric.

Why does the color of dyed shoes look different in different kinds of light?

The way color appears to the eye is greatly affected by ultraviolet light, causing the dyed shoes to look different outdoors versus indoors. The color will also appear different between shaded areas and direct sunlight. If possible, choose lighting similar to what the lighting of your event will be like.

What does it mean if the shoes are “dyeable?” Is the dye permanent?
Dyeable shoes use specifically designed material to absorb dye, allowing shoes to be customized for any event. Although the color on dyed shoes cannot be completely removed, the dye is water-soluble, meaning if it is exposed to moisture, the shoe dye may bleed or stain. In case of inclement weather on your big day, you may want to purchase a water repellent spray. However, once shoes are sprayed, they cannot be re-dyed.

How do I know what size I’ll be before ordering?

Please keep in mind that once dyed, certain styles may feel tighter than what you originally tried on, as they shrink slightly during the dyeing process.

How long does the entire custom dyeing process take?

After placing your order, your shoes are processed and shipped within 7 business days and take up to 10 days to deliver. Be sure to order your dye-to-match shoes with enough time to receive them before your special event.

What is your return policy?

Dyed shoes are non-returnable, even if they have not been worn.

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Ashley Grace Bridal Dyeable Wedding Shoes
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